Eco Funerals – Everything You Need To Know

What Are Eco Funerals?

Eco funerals, also known as natural or green funerals, are a growing trend in the funeral industry. These types of funerals seek to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing waste, using sustainable materials and practices wherever possible, and encouraging whole-body donations for scientific research.

Some other aspects that often characterise an eco funeral include cremation rather than traditional burial, the use of biodegradable caskets or shrouds instead of wooden coffins, and pre-planning arrangements with family and loved ones to reduce the environmental impacts of the grieving process itself.

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Advantages Of Choosing Eco Funerals

Compared to standard methods, eco funerals have several key advantages. For one thing, they are better for the environment, since bodies aren’t buried in potentially harmful embalming chemicals or burned with fossil fuels.

Additionally, eco funerals allow families more control over their final resting place, giving them the option of planting trees or creating memorial gardens that can serve as lasting legacies and places of reflection.

Ultimately, then, choosing an eco funeral represents a thoughtful and sustainable way to honour loved ones while minimising negative impacts on the environment. If this is something you are considering, please reach out to us to discuss your options.


Common Eco Funerals Misconceptions

Some people mistakenly believe that eco funerals are less dignified than traditional funerals. However, this is not true. Eco funerals can be just as beautiful and meaningful as any other type of funeral. Especially with caring funeral directors and a beautiful memorial garden such as at Eco Memorial Park.

Additionally, some people think that eco funerals are only for people who are environmentally conscious. However, anyone can choose to have an eco funeral, regardless of their personal beliefs.

At Eco Memorial Park, our caring team always do their best to provide meaningful and appropriate ceremonies for all faiths and beliefs.


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Arranging An Eco Funeral

As more and more people become conscious of the environmental impact of their choices, eco-friendly options are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to funerals, Eco Memorial Park offers a sustainable solution for those who want to reduce their footprint.

The team at Eco Memorial Park is committed to minimising waste and pollution, and they offer a range of eco-friendly products and services.

From coffins made from recycled materials to solar-powered cremation, they have a range of options to suit every budget. So if you’re looking for an environmentally responsible way to say goodbye to your loved ones, Eco Memorial Park is a perfect choice.


Why Are Eco Funerals Gaining More Interest?

The modern world can be a crazy and stressful place, and people are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their lives. One way that people are doing this is by reconsidering their funerals. In the past, funerals were often elaborate affairs, with expensive caskets and costly funeral services.

However, today more and more people are opting for eco-friendly funerals that are simple and minimise their impact on the environment and become less of a burden on their loved ones. One factor that has contributed to this trend is the increasing awareness of the environmental impacts of traditional funerals.

Embalming fluids, for example, can pollute groundwater resources, and cremation can release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. In addition, many people now see funerals as an opportunity to celebrate life rather than dwelling on death.

Eco funerals typically involve using sustainable materials, such as bamboo or wool, and avoiding harmful chemicals where possible. These funerals also often involve natural burial methods, such as burial at sea or in a woodland setting. For many people, eco funerals offer a more meaningful and sustainable way to say goodbye to their loved ones.

As a result, eco-friendly funerals that focus on celebrating the life of the deceased are becoming increasingly popular.


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