How To Cope With The Holiday Season After The Loss Of A Loved One

Losing a loved one is difficult at any time of year. However, there are some seasons that seem to make it all the harder on you – Christmas is one of these times. Understandably, some of us even start to dread this time of year.

After suffering a loss, Christmas is the last thing you might want to have to deal with, but it will arrive no matter how you wish it away. Here, we will see some of the ways you can cope with the holiday season after the loss of a loved one, and come out the other side.

If you do find yourself struggling, please contact a trusted friend or speak to a professional using the below links.


woman holding friend crying while grieving

Allow Yourself To Grieve

The festive season is one that is all about happiness and families being together. If you have suffered a loss, then it might be tempting to pretend that you are okay and that you are getting “back to normal”. But this will only lead to you delaying your grief.

It is important to allow yourself to feel your grief and know that those closest to you will understand what you are going through, and that your grief may be worse during these times.


Let Yourself Set Boundaries

The holidays are bound to be full of parties and gatherings, but you shouldn’t feel compelled to attend every event you are invited to nor does everyone expect you to. Make it clear that you will not be able to attend every party, especially those that your loved one would have been at with you.

Even if you go, you allow yourself to take quiet moments, or to leave early if you need. These boundaries can help you to handle your grief while still doing the things you want to and prevent you from isolating which can in turn make things worse.


hands holding after asking for help

Ask For Help

If you are struggling, you don’t have to cope alone. Make sure to ask friends and family to help; even just sharing memories can be a great thing to do.

You can also reach out to a professional to talk to during this difficult time, or find a support group either in person or online. You are not as alone as you feel. Everyone experiences loss at some point. While this won’t take the pain away completely, it may bring comfort.

There are many blog articles, videos and podcasts on coping with grief that may bring you strength in this hard times.


Keep Your Old Traditions & Embrace The New Ones

You may want to avoid the old holiday traditions that you had with your loved one after your loss, and this is absolutely understandable. But if you find yourself wanting to carry them out all the same, this can be a wonderful way to honour your loved one and to feel closer to them.

You can also find some new traditions that are just for you, which can help you to feel more connected to the present and your own future going forward.


You Are Never Alone.

It can often feel like an impossibility to get through the holiday season after a loss, but there are ways that you can cope and honour the memory of your loved one.

If you have suffered a loss, then let Eco Memorial Park help you to say goodbye and preserve the memory of your loved one. We provide honouring funeral services as well as urns and keepsakes to keep close. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.




If you are struggling, while being alone may feel necessary at times, please don’t isolate yourself completely. If you are struggling, please reach out.

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